Create, Store and Share Code Snippets Online

Ever tried to share code from Java or C++ on the web? It seems like garbage and totally unreadable. A better way to share is through an awesome tool called Snipt.

Snipt is a tool that lets you create and share code snippets on Twitter, Delicious, StumbleUpon and everywhere else on the web. To use Snipt, simply select the programming platform the code belongs to, select a theme and create your code. If you want to share it on Twitter, provide your Twitter credentials, if you would rather just save it on the web, give your code snippet a name and check the private box.

Once you click snip it, your code would be displayed on the screen. You can then tweet it by clicking on the little twitter icon. You can also share the snippet on, StumbleUpon or through email. The code snippets recently saved by others are also available for browsing, categorized by programming platform. Snipt also lets you create and share code snippets through a desktop application or a WordPress plugin.

You can log in to your Snipt account anytime to view, share or edit your code snippets. Snipt also lets you download the code as a script file, view it as raw text or embed it on blogs and website.

Techie-Buzz Verdict:

Snipt is a great web-based tool to create, store and share code snippets. It is simple, quick and highly customizable.

Rating: 4/5

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