BridgeURL Lets You Create Slideshow of Websites

How often do you share links in or ? Wouldn’t it be easier and less irritating if you could just share a single link which contains a slideshow of all the website links you want to share with your friends or followers?


BridgeURL is a new service, which allows users to create a slideshow of web pages/links and then share them as a link with whoever they want to. The advantage of this service is that you just share one single link instead of 100s of links you come across on a day to day basis.

To check an example of how the slideshow will work head over This will allow you to browse 10 pages from Techie Buzz as a slideshow.

How Does BridgeURL Work?

BridgeURL works in a very simple manner. It allows you to create a slideshow by entering a bunch of links you want to share and then creates a slideshow which can be viewed through a unique URL. Once you have created the slideshow, you can simply share the link with your friends or followers and they will be able to browse all those websites as a slideshow.

What BridgeURL Lacks?

BridgeURL is definitely a nice concept. However, the process is manual. For example, to create a slideshow; I have to collect all those URLs and then store it in someplace before I can create a slideshow out of it.

I would love to see a more intuitive approach to this in the form of a bookmarklet or extension which will allow me to store links I want to share temporarily and then create a slideshow out of it. This will definitely be helpful as it is really a pain to store URLs just to create a slideshow out of it.

Overall the service is pretty interesting and provides an easier way to share a bunch of URLs without spamming your timeline or friends. Go give it a try at

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