Create Rounded Corner Buttons For Your Website

Default, gray-looking buttons are so 1990s. Button, once considered to a negligible element of design, is now believed to be a very important one. However, creating cool buttons is not so easy since it involves a lot of HTML and CSS coding behind it. What should one do if they don’t know any HTML or CSS?

Here’s an awesome web app that can help. It lets you generate cool buttons for your website without writing a single line of code. Simply specify the desired color of your button and the MouseOver color you would like. If you want, you can also add a gradient effect to your button by checking the gradient box.

This tool by iWebToolsOnline also lets you generate buttons with rounded corners without any hassle. Simply enter the corner radius you want for your buttons and the tool will do the rest. Once created, you can download the CSS and the images as a zip file.

Techie-Buzz Verdict:

This Button-Generator is a great tool to save web designers a lot of time and effort. It is really useful for people who can’t or don’t want to write extensive code to generate buttons.

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