Create Mind Maps From Text Easily

Mind maps are diagrams to represent ideas, thoughts or any other set of items linked together. It helps users in perceiving the items visually and intuitively. In other words, a mind map takes your raw thoughts and provides you with a structured set of ideas.

There are lots of software and online tools to create mind maps but one of the most convenient ones is Text2Mindmap. As the name suggests, Text2Mindmap takes your text and creates a mind map from it. Simply enter your text in a text box and indent the items that you want to place at a lower level.

Once done, click the Convert To Mind Map button and your mind map would be created.

You can also customize it by choosing the colors for different levels, changing the font style and font size and adjusting the line color and line width. You also have the option to freeze the map or view it on a full screen. Keyboard shortcuts like Tab and Tab + Shift makes it easy to indent or out-dent items. Once created, elements of the diagram can be easily dragged to move the mind map.

After you have created the mind map, it can be easily saved to your computer as a  Jpeg  image.

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