Create Disposable URLs With VapURL

VapURL is a very interesting online application that allows you to create disposable URLs for free. The URL you create, redirects people to the web page of your choice and terminates after the it meets the termination criteria. This termination criteria can either be in number of visits, or in incremental time such as 1 hour, 1 day or 1 week.

If somebody tries to go to the created URL after it has been disposed of, the visitor is simply directed to the VapURL home page. It can be a very useful application if you want to open your website for a limited amount of time or a limited number of visitors.

Over all, VapURL is a fun yet useful service that can come in pretty handy. A couple of things that I wish they would add are some sort of tracking/analytics and a message to inform users that the URL they are trying to visit was only for short-term and has now been terminated.

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