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greenshot_2011-01-30_22-08-18Whether it be food, movies, music or travel, what people look for most are lists. List of top…, List of best…Data explained with the help of lists is easy to understand and analyze. List Gorilla is a new startup – founded by two fine folks from down under, Australia – which lets you create lists of anything you care about, and have people contribute to it.

greenshot_2011-01-30_22-30-24The website itself is in early stages of development, and was opened to public use only in November last year. Users can login using their IDs from either Google, Twitter or Facebook. Once in, you can create new lists, comment on those already created, and best of all, vote on list items. The voting determines what place an item gets in a list. Since lists are structured on the basis of votes, it makes sense to use a list even for feature request threads! This functionality, although similar to the one provided by, can come in handy while collecting suggestions and ideas on anything, in a crowd sourced manner.

Lists can be tagged with relevant keywords. Each item in a list includes a title, an optional description and an optional image. Whoever creates a list must add at least five items to it. Other users can later curate and sort the list by voting and adding more items.

List Gorilla can come in handy for people who are looking to curate a list of things made with the input of real people. I can see this being used a lot for creating localized lists, such as for restaurants and hotels. Even though almost anyone with a Facebook, Twitter or Google account can add to a list, the chance of spam entering the list is low because only the best voted items make it to the top of the list. So even if spam finds its way, it will get voted down.

Check out List Gorilla and let them know what you think. Appreciation doesn’t hurt when a passion project does good ;)

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