Create And Share Short Links For Google Maps

Google Maps are amazing, nobody can deny that. In addition to the whole world map, you also get to see satellite and terrain images and the ability to zoom into any point. However, it does not provide any functionality to share a specific location on the map with somebody else.

To fill this gap, a new URL Shortening service has come up that creates shortened links of specific locations in Google map. Simply head over to, and browse the map to select the location you want to share. Once you are done, click on save map and you will be provided with a shortened URL for example that you can share with anybody.

You can also share your selected location on Twitter, Facebook or Delicious with a single click. If you just want to share your exact location with somebody, just click on   detect my location and the service would create a short URL for your location that would even include your longitude and latitude.

For example, would take you to the specific location of Detroit Opera House on Google Maps.

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