Convert One Hyper-Link Into Many

Hyper-links probably have a history as old as the internet. They are used almost in every article, blog post or website pretty heavily to point the user to a different web page. They work very well indeed, but how about a situation when you want to point your reader to multiple web sites. Traditionally you would create multiple hyper-links for them since it is the norm.

Butns is a new web service that is trying to revolutionize the way hyper0links work. It allows you to hide multiple hyper-links under one. For example, instead of saying “Check out Google, Yahoo!, Wikipedia, Bing and Twitter” you would say, check out these websites”.

These multiple hyper-links are called butns and can be easily generated at Just start by entering the word you want to turn into hyper-links and then choose a style for your hyper link. You can have it underlined, double underlined, bold or even dotted. After that, specify the hyper-links you want to include in your butn; you can choose from many popular URLs or enter a custom one. Once done, butns will generate a code for your hyper-link that can be pasted on your website or blog.

It may take a couple of minutes more to do than the traditional hyper-links, but it will definitely save some screen real-estate and make your website look good.

Multiple Hyper-Links

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