Compare Loading Time of Two Websites with Which Loads Faster

Speeding up your website is very important because nowadays search engines take the average load time of websites as one of the factors for ranking. Moreover, faster sites create a good user experience and it’s very essential on the part of website owners to optimize their website for faster loading.

There are several tools to measure the load time of your blog or website, but have you ever compared the average loading times of two websites side by side ?

Which Loads Faster is a nice web service which lets you compare the loading time of any two webpage side by side. Just head over to the home page and enter the URL’s in the text box as shown below:

Hit the “Go” button and the site will split the screen and load both the websites side by side. When both the websites have finished loading, you will be shown the average load time of each and the comparison in percentage. This is very useful, when you are comparing the load times of two websites or may be comparing two pages of your blog to find out which one loads faster.

There is another “Race” feature which lets you compare a series of URL’s in both frames. This will be handy when you are comparing a group or set of pages and want them to load automatically when the previous one has finished loading.

To try the “Race” feature, click the Race link on the site’s navigation menu and enter the “sets” of URL’s one by one

The test results can be shared with anyone using the share button (see example). Thanks to DownloadSquad for the tip.

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