CodeFetch: Search Programming Books For Codes

Programmers know very well that having a reference book handy is vital when you are writing code. However, it is not always convenient to open different books and browse through loads of pages to try to find the piece of code you are looking for. CodeFetch is a website that makes this process easier by letting you search these programming books online.

CodeFetch has a number of programming books for multiple platforms and languages that you can search through for free. Simply choose the language you want to search like PHP or C++ and enter they keyword you are looking for. CodeFetch would search a number of books on that language and provide you with relevant results.

Results are sorted by books and they keyword you specified is highlighted within the code. You are also provided with an option to buy the complete book from Amazon. CodeFetch can be a very valuable resource if you are ever stuck while writing code and all you are looking to find is a sample code to get the syntax and an example.

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