CloudShopper Let’s You Gather Shopping Advices And Gift Ideas From Facebook Friends

Planning to buy some gifts this new year? How about searching for gift items at Amazon, preparing an online wish list of gifts and asking your Facebook friends for their ideas and suggestions ?

Meet CloudShopper

CloudShopper is a fairly new website which attempts to fill the gap between building wish lists of online gift items and gathering suggestions from your social circle. Works quite simple – go the website, connect your Facebook account, search for a product and post the link on your Facebook wall.

Your friends and followers can immediately see your wall post and comment on it as they usually do. CloudShopper aggregates all these comments to your CloudShopper dashboard, so that you can read the suggestions posted by your Facebook friends and archive the recommendations for future use.

Think CloudShopper as a personal review page where you can aggregate the suggestions, comments and reviews   made by your Facebook friends, without having to search for older wall posts that attracted 42 comments a month ago.

Another neat thing regarding CloudShopper is that you can find new as well as used products from and compare their prices directly from your CloudShopper account. The site also allows you to share updates with selected Facebook contacts, so if you want to buy a gift for parents – you can include only your family member’s Facebook profiles.

The “Friends” tab shows a series of wall posts and links posted by your Facebook friends on their profiles, so you always know who is buying what and offer your geekiest suggestions. Want to buy a group gift for a common Facebook friend ? Create a CloudShopper list, invite all the group members, post your product links and comments on the list page and let the conversation begin !

Overall, Cloudshopper is a nice way to plan and gather feedback about a specific product from your social circle. The site is only a month old, so friend recommendations, likes, and other Facebook goodness is expected to be rolled out soon. Give this a try !

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Amit Banerjee

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