Online Business Cards – to Merge with BusinessCard2

business-handshake Yesterday, users of the virtual business card service, received an email telling them about a big change to their service. Here’s a bit from that email.

Dear User, is now part of!

Over the months to come, we plan to integrate into BusinessCard2. The result will be the largest and most capable network of web-enabled business cards on the planet. Before any changes occur, we wanted to alert you to the integration plan.

The current users will be have their accounts migrated to Businesscard2 by October 1st. That’s a rather fast transition, but they promise that it will be fairly trouble-free. Like most mergers in online services, there will be things that the new Businesscard2 users might miss from their old accounts. If you are one of these users, you can contact them here for help.

I noticed that the Businesscard2 service didn’t have as many card theme options as the service has. Just for fun, I signed up for an account at Businesscard2, to see what it’s like. The sign-up is free, and I had no complaints about the registration process.

Here’s my card:


As you can see, they provide a great free service. If you need an online business card, be sure to check them out at

There’s one or two things that a real business card has as an advantage over a virtual business card. I have a whole stack of cards at the office. Some day I’ll scan them all into my contact manager, then I’ll try to figure out what to do with them. The video below has given me one good idea already.

Master Of Business Card Throwing – Watch more Funny Videos

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