Capture Data In Lists, Trees, Text And Combo Of HTML Pages

SysExporter is a freeware that permits you to capture data contained in lists, trees, text and combo boxes as well as HTML and Web Browser controls of any of your system applications. This captured data can then be exported to HTML, XML or text files. Both the data display and export facilities are available in the main window of the software itself.

The captured and exported data can be copied on the clipboard and pasted to any application that supports the tab de-limited format in which it is saved in the clipboard.

Data that can be captured and exported include file lists within archive files and folders, Windows’ event log, Email and Contact lists in Outlook, Registry value list in the Registry Editor, Registry monitor, File monitor, process monitor and further data in SysInternals. The regular Windows message box text and Internet Explorer’s HTML can also be captured and exported by this software.


SysExporter is compatible with Windows NT/2000/XP/Server 2003/ Server 2008/Vista and 7. The software does work in Windows 9X and ME but it is unable to capture and export data from tree and list views. Data export is supported only for combo and list boxes in these operating systems.

The targeting key permits the user easy spotting of the window to which he wants to export data. The latest version 1.51 of this software has a new feature Remove-Question-Mark-Characters’ that can be used for date and time columns and in Explorer columns in Windows Vista.

A minor limitation of this software is that it cannot capture and export data from applications that store the data in a site of the system memory instead of stocking them in the controls that exhibit them to the user.

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