Helps To Calculate The Best Time To Sleep And To Wake Up

Has it ever occurred to you that waking up on certain days, you feel fresh and energetic, while waking up other days makes you feel tired and lazy? It happens with all of us; sometimes you just didn’t wake up right. The cause is not TV, not alcohol and not your noisy neighbor. It’s the science of sleep cycles.

The theory is that once you go to sleep, there are several stages that your unconscious self goes through. The first is light sleep where you can be awakened easily. On stage two, rapid eye movements (called REM) stops and brain waves become slower. In stage three and four, the brain produces very slow waves called delta waves. In these two stages, the person will be in deep sleep. (Trivia: This is the time when people or children experience bedwetting and sleep walking). After this, you go back to stage two and then two REM. This whole cycle loops various times throughout the night. 

greenshot_2011-01-28_19-54-58If you give it some thought now, you would realize that when you woke up all groggy and confused, you probably woke up in the middle of one such cycle. So therefore, waking up in between such cycles makes a lot of sense! makes planning out your sleep a lot easier.‘s bedtime calculator can help you in two ways. Either you tell it when you are going to wake up (so that it tells you when to sleep), or when you are going to sleep (so that it tells you for when you should set you alarm clock).

Whichever option you select, you will get multiple options to choose. For example, I chose that I have to wake up at 6:30AM. The result: I should try to fall asleep at either 9:30PM or 11:00PM or 12:30AM or 2:00AM. If I sleep at one of these times, my sleep cycle will be exactly in between two cycles at 6:30AM. As per the website, sleep cycles usually last 90 minutes, so it just counts back sets of 90 minutes from the time you specified and outputs the result as per the calculation.

Practical application of science. Awesome.

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