Build An Infographic About You That Also Acts As A Résumé

If you are a professional, the value of a well formatted resume is immense to you. So far, you were left with choices to forward text based CVs to employers. A modern trend however requires us to have a LinkedIn profile or a webpage documenting your work and skill sets. Services like Chimp, Follr or About Me served great for creating a web based portfolio. Revu is a newer choice and alternative you can try if you are willing to have an infographic based portfolio webpage created curating the data on your LinkedIn profile and a lot of images.


Signing up is straight and simple. On the homepage, type in your email, password and a desired username (which will also be your résumé URL). Next you will be asked to connect your LinkedIn account with the tool. Afterwards here are some key elements you can add to your résumé using Revu.

Personal Data

Fill up some basic information about yourself. You can also add an old-style(PDF, DOCX, DOC, ODT) résumé to your profile in case any visitor to your  profile wishes to take a look at a regular text based CV. You can add custom links to your websites and your social network profiles too.


This is the visual representation of your work experience. Feature the job descriptions you think adds weight to your resume and hopefully impresses an employer from the area of your expertise.


This is the best part of your Revu profile. An image always tells things in a better way. You can add a wide range of information that you wish to share about you. It can be things like the vital stats or job duties you have performed (or are capable of doing), or trivial data about how you spent your pastimes or how your interests have changed over the years.


If you want to showcase your creations here is where you can post images and details about any project you’ve worked on. For instance, if you are a photographer, go ahead and show off some of your amazing clicks.


This section deals with your academic career. Any degrees, certificates or diplomas that you’ve obtained can be displayed here. The added advantage is that you can even display images as logos of the institutions you’ve been a part of.

Work Examples

This is an extension of the portfolio section as you are able to let visitors download documents you have created as a part of your work.

One way that Revu stands out from the lot is the image based layout it creates. It no more a secret that images are visually more engaging and illustrative than texts are. Another thing is that the entire biodata is shared in a single page which provides a better browsing experience unless you are really stressed while scrolling. One important thing that Revu misses out compared to Follr is the auto-updation from RSS and other sources as new information is generated. Although, Revu provides a unique way and its mode of presenting a CV suits better for anyone whose skill sets are better shown in graphic. For others, well, it still remains a good choice.

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