Best Tools to Crop and Resize Images Online

Previously we have covered some fabulous image manipulation tools and photo editors. In this article, we are showcasing some of the best tools available on the web to crop and resize images to make it easy for you.

CutMyPic: Free web based image re-sizer tool. It enables you to cut, crop, drop shadow and round the corners of your image. It provides you with the orginal and revised image size information. You can preview the changes made to the image and send it via email or save it to your PC.

PicResize: A free online picture resizer to crop a selected portion of your images. And, add special effects like gray scale, blur, oil paint etc.,

Resizr: Provides you with some convenient options to crop a selected part of an image. You can manually set the initial width and height of the portion to be cropped or choose from other available options like square, free, 4 x 6 etc., It also has a draggable slider to resize your images in a convenient way.

Resize it – Crop a photo: Just upload an image and select the part on your image that needs cropping, then press ‘Crop it’ and save your image.

DrPic: It’s a free web based image editor with some nice options to crop, resize, adjust the brightness and add special effects to images. To crop an image on DrPic – upload an image, choose the ‘Crop’ tool, make a selection to be cropped and click on the ‘Crop’ tool again to save your selection.

Defining an image crop area with JavaScript: Upload the image you wish to crop from your hard drive, then to select your image crop area, click the opposite diagonal corners of the area you want to keep. A selection box will appear, when you have your selection in the appropriate position, click the “Crop Image” button and the image will be cropped to your selection.

FlyEdit: This Firefox add-on not only lets you crop images right within your browser, but also allows you to edit and resize images. You can even rotate, change the brightness and contrast of the image and more.

Web Resizer: Is a free online photo resizing tool with options to crop, rotate, optimize, sharpen and adjust the brightness and contrast of your images. It’s a convenient way to quickly crop and resize your favorite images for use on websites, email and elsewhere.

If you have a blog based on WordPress, you can use the built-in image editor on WordPress to quickly crop and resize your images.

What’s your favorite online tool to resize and crop images? Do tell us in comments.

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