Avoid Unauthorized Selling OF Email Address

A lot of websites collect your email address when you download reports, software or other digital products. If it is a credible website, then you can be sure that the website is not harvesting your email address, else there is a risk of your email address being sold to spammers who will bombard you with unsolicited, promotional e-mails which can be very annoying !

SpamBox is a service you HAVE to use if you do not wish to give out your actual email id, but still want to download any digital product or report. SpamBox is a free service, where they create a temporary e-mail address that will be active for a specified amount of time. You can control how long you want the temporary email address to be active for :


After you have created the temporary email address, you will set where the temporary email has to forward the mails to (your regular, real email address). Any emails sent to the temporary e-mail address, before the temporary e-mail address expires, will be forwarded to your real email address !

No real e-mail address – no spammers !

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Update: Another similar service: GuerrillaMail.


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