Alternatives to Mininova

Earlier today, Minnova decided to go legal and delete all the bad torrentsfrom their index, evoking a collective gasp from the huge torrent downloading community. This came as a real surprise to many people, since Mininova was one of the biggest indexer of torrents and indexed more than a million torrents, most of them illegal and pirated software.

However, there is no dearth of torrent indexers. Torrent Freak has put up a list of 10 Mininova alternatives, you will find the links below.

  1. Vertor
  2. SeedPeer
  3. Torrentreactor
  4. Alive Torrents
  5. KickassTorrents
  6. BTjunkie
  7. isoHunt
  8. yourBitTorrent
  9. The Pirate Bay
  10. Fulldls


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  • There is a spell mistake in "10 Minimova alternatives". It's Mininova Keith. Fix it..

  • Isn't piratebay closed too ? Update list !

    • @Siddanth Pirate Bay is not yet shut down, you can still download torrents from it

  • Xsm

    I think you forgot one of the oldest torrent sites

  • with the new DHT features in torrent software as well as HTTP download then no single site will have a lasting impact on sharing

  • Mike

    There are tons of websites like Mininova, but they search only inside their own database,so you have to go through at least 5-10 other torrent websites to find the needed torrent.
    I only found one search engine that searches through almost every torrent website out there, so it makes the search process a lot faster and easier with no ads and popups.