Alphabetize and Organize Your Text Online Using Alphabetizer

Alphabetizer is a neat tool with a lot of good features to manipulate your text.

The main feature is to alphabetize: To start with, you can put any list of items in an alphabetical order. Just type/paste the list in the window and click on Alphabetize. The items in the list can be separated by a comma, a new line, a tab or any other custom separator that you specify.

In addition to that, you can also use this tool to capitalize the first letter of each word, remove duplicates from a list, strip HTML from a piece of text, ignore definite or indefinite articles, ignore case or make all items lowercase. You can also use Alphabetizer to put your list in a random order or reverse an entire list.

Alphabetizer saves a lot of time by helping you with tasks that would otherwise take a lot of time and effort to complete. For example, you have 50 items and you want to number them. All you need to do is paste them into Alphabetizer and select the number option and specify a separator. The items will be displayed in a numbered list.

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