4 Unique Tools To Generate Strong Passwords

Sometime ago, we talked about how to create a strong password. However, if you find it to be a confusing or time-consuming task, you can go to one of the many web applications that generate strong passwords for you. We compared a number of them and found that 4 of them specially stood out due to their unique features:


SimplePassword lets you create a master password, and then uses that master password to generate strong and unique passwords for each website you use. If you loose any of your generated passwords, you can always come back to SimplePassword, enter your master password and you would be able to generate the exact same passwords again.

2. SafePasswd:

SafePasswd also generates strong random passwords for you but it also allows you to specify the type of password you want. You can specify if you want letters only, numbers only, both letters and numbers or use all available characters. You can also decide if you want your password to be of mixed case. Another great feature that SafePasswd offers is the option to specify the desired length of your password

3. PasswordSuggest:

If you want your password to be a bit more relevant and easy to remember, head over to PasswordSuggest. All you need to do then is enter a memorable word and PasswordSuggest would generate strong yet easy to remember passwords based on that word. You can also use the service to generate usernames.

4. PasswordBird:

If you think all the generated passwords are too hard to remember, you will like PasswordBird. You can enter a name, a word and a special date so PasswordBird can generate a password that would make sense to you and would be easy to remember. In other words, PasswordBird offers strong passwords but with a little bit less randomness.

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