10 Word Wiki Describes Everything in 10 Words

Have you ever told anyone, "Get to the point", when they go round the bush blabbering about things which could have been said in simple words or a mere sentence? Well, there are several people like you.


One boring thing about learning definitions of new words is the numerous sentences you have to go through to understand the meaning of a word, but if you want it out straight to the point, then the 10 Word Wiki will definitely come in handy.

10 Word Wiki, as the name suggests, puts out word definitions which are only 10 words long, no more than that. Here are some definitions of words that are stacked up on the 10 Word Wiki:

American Idol – Overly emotional singing show, coins it in for Simon Cowell.

Angelina Joile – Heavily tattooed kinky actress. Wants one child in every colour.

Baby Powder – Not made from ground, dessicated babies. Despite how it sounds.

Bacteria – Monocellular lifeforms. Some cause death, some cause lager or cheese.

Bee – A yellow and black striped buzzy insect that stings you.

Beauty – Describes a look. Definitely in the eye of the beholder.

Bicycle – A human powered two wheeled vehicle, normally with pedals.

Book – Bundles of wood pulp and pictures/words; doesn’t need batteries.

As you can see from the above samples, the definitions can go from being to the point and funny, sarcastic and sometimes nasty, however, it is fun nevertheless. So if you have some time to waste and want to learn words in a new way, head over to the 10 Word Wiki index and have your fill.

Note: Please do not use 10 Word Wiki as a actual dictionary, it is just a funny way of learning things.

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