10 Sites You can Download Free CSS Templates From

It is quite common for web pages to be personalized and the information they contain to be made more reader-friendly with the use of CSS or Cascading Style Sheets. The use of CSS not only improves the presentation of a web page, making it much more elegant and easy on the eyes, but it also allows greater adaption in the way you can present information on your web page.

Given the importance of CSS in web development, it is imperative to use the right CSS template to get the “look” and “feel” of your website right. And in vein of the philosophy followed by Techie Buzz to share technology related information, this post has compiled some useful websites from where you can download free CSS templates.

Here are 10 great sites you can download free CSS themes from:

One great website for this purpose is freeCSStemplates.org, where you can browse through an excellent collection of free CSS templates and preview each before downloading them.


Free CSS .com is another such site where you will be enthralled by their collection of free downloadable CSS templates and layouts.


Although very similar in name to the first two sites mentioned, Free CSS Templates also offers an interesting range of CSS templates for your downloading pleasure, that too available in the easily and quickly downloadable .zip format. This site lets you use the downloaded CSS templates for both personal and commercial use provided that you take care to follow the license terms and make sure to give credit to the site by linking back to it.


Another helpful site from where you can download free CSS templates is styleshout.com, which, with its exhaustive content and elegant minimalist style is an example in itself.


Of course, if you are still brimming with enthusiasm for more CSS themes, you could always head over to TemplateMo.com and browse through their collection of free CSS templates.


CSSTemplates.NET is another site to provide you with more options.


Again, GetCSSTemplates is also sure to serve as a good source of free CSS templates that you can use.


If you are still not satisfied, go for CSStemplatesforfree.com to download lightweight and free CSS templates.


Template Fusion will provide you with more choices still.


Lastly, another site that you could try out is Best Free Templates, which will also provide you with an excellent collection of free CSS templates for download and use.


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