10 Awesome Design Inspiration Websites

So you have a free afternoon and think that it would be fun to tinker around with Photoshop for a while. Or perhaps you have a design project due which you would like to start working on. But when you load the software and sit before the canvas, you find yourself drawing a blank.   However, when the Internet is at your service, can inspiration be left far behind?

In this post I will be talking about websites that you can get design inspiration from. To make the list more diverse yet organized I will club together the websites according to the various design categories:

Logo Design

As logos present a concise pictorial representation of what a company is really about, they create the first impression that a consumer gets of the company. Presently, there is great demand for logo design with companies of all kinds fretting over The Logo that will help them get ahead of their competitors by appealing more to consumers.

One awesome website you can seek inspiration for logo design from is LogoPond. This website keeps stock of the finest logos submitted by designers from across the globe and you are sure to find lots of ideas going through these logos.


BuzzShout is another comprehensive listings site which has a wide range of inspiring logos stored in its database.


For more design ideas you could also try out LogoTwo which has a commendable collection of Web2.0 logo designs.


Website Design

A good website with an elegant design is an absolute necessity in the corporate world. BestWebGallery offers a great collection of excellent design websites including both Flash and CSS based ones.


If you want design ideas for CSS based websites, look no further than CSS Based, where there are many beautifully designed websites listed.


Another great gallery for your perusal is CSS Hazard.


Print and Graphic Design

Graphic design is a diverse field and when you are looking for design ideas, you can easily find yourself spoilt for choice.

CDDesign.com is most inspiring if you are seeking design inspiration for CDs, cassettes and the like.


On the other hand, if it is inspiration for poster design that you are looking for, check out this post on Bittbox.


Even business cards can be made cool, as is evident from this list of interestingly designed business cards posted on All Graphic Design.


Finally, if you are looking for something quirky, here is an archive of various kinds of packaging designs at Imaginary World.


The websites mentioned here are only a few of the tons of websites that you could turn to for design inspiration. Do feel free to mention any which you have personally liked in the comments. There can be no dearth of inspiration when life itself is inspiration, right? Enjoy!

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