Will Nokia 5800 Tube be the next iPhone Killer?

We have been playing around with our new toy the Nokia N95 for few days now, and it is definitely the best smartphone available today. Except for it not being a touch phone, it beats the iPhone outright on features. We will be posting a detailed review about it, once we have all the applications and games installed and tested.

In the meantime we did see another phone that caught our attention. The Nokia 5800 Tube is rumored to be a real killer phone and it’s possibly the first phone from Nokia to have a touch screen. Nokia 5800 Tube will make use of the S60 Touch UI built on Symbian (which is great) OS for mobile phones. Knowing how good Nokia smartphones are, we can definitely vouch that this phone will prove to be the real competition to iPhones.

Here are a few screenshots we collected that shows leaked pictures of the Nokia 5800 Tube, whose launch date is still unannounced and neither has the product been confirmed officially.


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