Video Advertisements To Appear In Magazines

First of all this is not a episode which we missed for last couple of weeks, yes, again, but technology is amazing and it can do things we never even thought about.

A new technology to insert video in traditional newspapers & magazines has been created to insert video advertisements as you can see in the video below.

Video Ads In Traditional Magazines

The video-in-print ads will start appearing in the US magazine Entertainment Weekly, the magazine with the first video ads will be made available to people in Los Angeles and New York on September 19th.

The magazines will have a small slim line screen as you see in a traditional mobile phone and use a chip technology to store videos up-to 40 minutes.

The first few video-in-print ads will feature ads from CBS and Pepsi, this is definitely a great way to get user attention, but it needs to be seen how feasible this technology is for magazine publishers and whether advertisers will pour in additional advertising money for including their own videos when internet and television advertisement is more cheaper when it comes to video ads.

But like always there will be cheaper ways to do this in future and don’t get surprised if your next edition of morning newspaper carries a video with the headlines instead of just plain text :-).

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