Toogle – The textual image search!

Browsing through TinyHacker I found this fascinating website called Toogle. They ended their tiny review with FunFunFun, and I really cannot deny that.

Toogle searches through Google Images and gives you the most popular result… in colored text! (The words being the search term!)


The Techie Buzz page… in colored text! (Polite blogging norms do not allow me to write that sentence the way it is supposed to be written- The Techie Buzz page…IN COLORED TEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”)

Here are a few more samplers!


The Original and…

Palm Centro

…the Toogle!


The Original…


And the Toogle! So much fun!

The best part about this is that you can copy-paste the text into your favorite word processor and save it. Very, very slick!

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