The World’s First 3D Bio-printer Ready for Release

Endgadget reports that Invetech has developed a full-blown 3D printer for Organovo, the leader in the field of regenerative and organ replication technology. This technology can literally printtissues, building human organs cell-by-cell which can be used to replace organs in the human body in the near future.


This science-fiction-esque device will prove to be a powerful tool in the hands of scientists, biotechnology engineers and surgeons. Any desired pattern can be printed with this device, from epithelial cells of the skin to stromal tissue, ultimately leading to the production of a number of organic products such as supports for the liver and kidney cells during an operation, to the production of a mature tooth altogether, severing the incessant need for crowns and fillings.

Invetech will be shipping these devices to research institutes and medical centers through 2010 and 2011.

The device’s inner workings are as yet not very well known, however the press release has stated that

The 3D bio-printers include an intuitive software interface that allows engineers to build a model of the
tissue construct before the printer commences the physical constructions of the organs cell-by-cell using
automated, laser-calibrated print heads.

What would the inkof this printer be? Human cells! Well, in part. Human cells make up one print head, while the other print head is for placing a support matrix, hydro-gel or a scaffolding. The entire instrument comes with a sterile biosafety cabinet during use. This is the first step towards a better human race, it seems!

However, how well this printer will be used is up for speculation, for the printer itself seems to be one of those tools a mad scientist would use for world domination. Coupled with that large red button, this fear is only increased!

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