Sony PSPs Used by the Royal Navy as Teaching Aids

Here is another reason by which you can convince your parents/spouse that you need that PlayStation Portable. The UK Navy has bought 230 bright blue PSP consoles loaded with study-materials for sailors at sea. The consoles come preloaded with technical science studies and have been distributed among marine warfare technicians, radar and sonar operators and VHF radio operators in a bid to keep them abreast with their education.

Bright Blue PSP

The PSP was chosen as opposed to many other handheld devices due to its durability and specifically because it could easily be used in cramped bunks of submarines and warfare vessels. These consoles will help the sailors crucially with their studies as they come with short slides with commentary of eight to twelve minutes’ duration. Another reason the PSP was chosen was because the sailors (mostly young men between 18 and 30 the same as the target market of the PSP) were familiar with the controls and could get to work with little to no help from their instructors.

The Navy also decided to not disable the UMD tray since that would mean that the sailors looked after it well. Not bad considering the Navy was all about discipline and no play!

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