Snapkeys is a Mind-Reading Imaginary Keyboard

Disclaimer: the veracity of the application/service in question is unknown. Whatever is said in this post comes directly from the website of the application, and we really have no idea about how it actually works. For all reasons and purposes, we will suppose that the application is magical and will actually work as it says, or that it is fake.


Now that the rather long disclaimer is done with, I really hope it’s magic at work when you use Snapkeys. At least it looks that way.

However there are no indications of how it exactly works. Although there are quite a few people typing away at blank screens on their iPads and iPhones, there is still no definitely clue as to how this revolutionaryproduct will actually work.

Perhaps you have to train it to respond to certain parts of the screen (in which case the imaginary interfaceselling point is basically moot), or it will start off with an algorithm that emulates a QWERTY keyboard and makes guesses as one types on one row and the next. That is, if I wanted to write MAT, I’d press the lowest row on the right, the middle row on the left and the top row on the left. How it’d interpret it differently than BATis a very valid question, and I’m afraid I have no answers to that except this conjecture: it’s either fake or there’s some sorcery at work here. Or if it works that way at all it probably has just two rows (4 keys in total). I am quite befuddled here.

The Snapkeys website is spartan on the details, and the downloads page (which threw up a suspicious warning on Chrome) just had wallpapers. Nothing yet.

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