Ninja moves from the sword’s point of view

I tried making the title better than URLesque’s, and as you can see, I failed miserably. Let’s face it, nothing introduces the video below better than Guy puts camera at the end of sword, takes awesome video. That title is full of #win.

So, what happened? Exactly what the title says. At Swordfish 2010, the Historical Martial Arts conference that takes place in Gothernberg, Sweden, a few people had a wacky idea of duct taping a GoPro Hero wearable sports camera at the end of the sword. They taped it well enough that even with fast moves, the camera does not budge from its place. While the Swordfish event itself is a serious and well known affair, the people who put the camera on the sword added fun to the seriousness of the conference.

As a result, the people around the sword seem to be revolving and spinning around the camera (while it remains stationary). Three people try out the sword-cam, each with different speeds. It’s almost like a level advancement, as each user figures out that the camera is not going to budge and notches up the speed.

But let’s all agree on one thing: the video is awesomeness unparalleled, thanks to YouTube user ryrlen.

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