Lock Your Latop With Your Cell Phone / Mobile

It may not be the perfect solution for security freaks out there, who look for top notch security for their gadgets, but definitely the answer for those of you who wish to avoid lap-top peepers. You know what I’m talking about, like leaving your laptop on while you walk away in the canteen to get something for yourself, you wouldn’t want the world around you to peep and see what you’ve been up to right ? This Phoenixs new Freeze application, may be just what you are looking for, which assures of fitting any blue-tooth phone with a proximity lock:

Watch this video to see freeze in action:

Kinda Artificial Intelligence :) .. One phone can be used to control number of laptops, and you additionally can set up power saving mode as soon as the phone is moved out of the proximity range. Some of the advantages of using Freeze are power saving and increased productivity.

Best of all, is that this application is available as a free download (a 14 day trial), but currently is tailor made for Windows XP and Vista only. If you are happy with what the trial then you get the full version dirt cheap.

Phoenix is planning to release features more rich and sumptuous, but all that is planned for sometime later, as it is now concentrating on dealing with computer manufactures hoping to get a standard option for new laptops!!

[ Download PhoenixFreeze ]

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