Crayon Rockets zoom into the Nevada Sky

Do you remember the hours you spent coloring as a child with your favorite pack of crayons? I remember spending many an hour blissfully unaware of the rest of the world, creating my own world of electric-blue cats and buildings with purple roofs, with my trusted box of Crayola(TM) crayons by my side.

Now, although I’ve left those years far behind, my interest got piqued the moment I saw this post on a man launching crayon rockets on the Internet. Curiosity got the better of me and I immediately began to read.

John Croker, who has spent years pursuing his quirky hobby of Rocketry, launched his own armada of crayon rockets into the dry skies of Sierra Nevada after spending almost six years working on them. Inspired by a friend who had once mentioned that one of his rockets resembled a crayon, John decided to   make flying crayons a reality! Well, he didn’t actually charm a box of crayons to zoom out into the sky, but what he did was pretty close to it.

John built a pack of eight rod-shaped rockets with fins that looked exactly like larger-than-life Crayola(TM) crayons (minus the fins, of course) and made them fly out of what looked like a very large Crayola(TM) crayon box. Although only four out of the eight actually flew, not everyone can boast of making crayons fly a couple of thousand feet into the air! John has written extensively about the experience, along with how he built and painted his crayon rockets on his website.

It seems that even adults can make crayons can fly, and not just in their imaginations!

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