Wynncom To Sell Mobile Handsets In 36 Countries


Wynn Telecom, a domestic mobile maker that manufactures low-cost budget mobile phones, is aiming to export its handsets to 36 countries. Currently Wynn Telecom enjoys less than one per cent market share and the company is aiming to reach third position in the coming years in the domestic brands range.

“The mobile handsets market in India is about 12.5-13 million handsets per month. Wynncom brand sells over one lakh handsets per month in the country. We are set to export to 36 countries. As far as Wynncom is concerned, we will start doing that after this financial year. By the time our Indian market would have established strongly.” said Arvind Vohra, co-founder and managing director, Wynn Telecom.

Wynncom recently launched couple of entry-level multimedia handsets with features such as touchscreen display, 3.2 megapixel camera, 32GB expandable memory, MP3 player, Bluetooth with A2DP and more. Most of the handsets sold by Wynncom are Dual-SIM and they are available at pretty low cost.

Wynncom also allows you to send free SMS’s across India, UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines instantly through the inbuilt software provided by 160by2. The company sources recently said that, Wynncom got an inquiry from AT&T Canada for supplying 3G handsets.

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