Vodafone Charges 50p/3min For Calling Customer Care

I’m sure that the title may have shocked you, but this is seriously not an April Fool joke. Vodafone has started charging 50 paisa for 3 minutes, if you need any help from the customer care executive. Vodafone subscribers in all the telecom circles will have to pay a nominal charge for 50 paisa every time they call the customer care for any help or service related queries.

vodafone unhappy

According to Telecom Talk, “The Government’s directive to telecom companies while giving out licences explicitly stated customer service calls should be TOLL-FREE. Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has not yet approved the companies request to charge subscribers for their calls to Customer Care.”

Earlier Airtel and Loop Mobile started charging their subscribers for calling customer care executives and now Vodafone also joined the bandwagon. Vodafone has always been known for providing excellent Customer Care service to their subscribers across India, but this decision may go against them.

Let’s wait till the Mobile Number Portability (MNP) is being implemented in India, after that we can easily find out the real winner of the telecom race.

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8 thoughts on “Vodafone Charges 50p/3min For Calling Customer Care”

    1. @Shovan & Chethan…….

      Guys telecom companies pay Rs 8/- for each call attended by call centre execs.Moreover there are jerks who call up to callcentres for just time pass and utter useless reasons,thereby just wasting time n money of the telecom operators.For normal queries the IVR is an enough option to help and thats not chargeable.Although it sounds shocking but the move cud not hav been helped.Moreover TRAI has agreed to this.

      1. @Sukanya
        Dont be stupid,
        TRAI has not approved it as yet, the proposal is still at a consideration stage at TRAI and not been approved by TRAI and less likely to be approved as it has to go through many levels in TRAI & DOT.
        And Just to avoid some pranksters who are few in numbers, you cant make the helpline numbers chargeable, this sounds insane.
        and most of the case the IVR is confusing & you have to go through many levels to search for what you are looking at, and so many times, people (less educated) are not able to understand the IVR. and you do not get all the problems solved though IVR, so it is stupid to expect people to get all the queries solved through IVR.

        I was not expecting atleast VODAFONE to do this stupid move. Especially when they enjoy the loyalty of millions of customers across the globe (including me, since last 12 years).

  1. I Had Recharged My Mobile No.9830868422 On 20.2.2010 With Rs.333/-but surprisingly i find on 01.04.10 that my mobile is only 0.45Paise .From last few months I Am finding that when ever I Recharged with Rs.333/- to my mobile it hardly go 1to 1months10 days cause not know to me I Make very few call from it .Kindly look into the matter and provide me the call list

    1. @Subrata………..

      Buddy 1st you need to check ur plan and the rates for such plan.Secondly keep a watch on the rates charged after each call is finished and immediately if there is any incorrect deduction you can complaint instead of waiting for the balance to get ovr.Usually this type of errors dont happen but still if you find an issue do call up customer care and check with them.

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