Virgin Mobile India Launches GSM


Virgin Mobile, known for its get talktime for incoming callshas now announced the launch of its GSM services in India, starting with five southern cities. Virgin Mobile is already offering CDMA service in the country through Tata. It sounds like a wise decision as GSM in India huge compared to CDMA. At the end of September 09, 371 million subscribers used GSM, in contrast to 101 million subscribers using CDMA, according to TRAI.

“We are making a big change in our business by entering GSM, which is much bigger play compared to what we were earlier. Along with that kind of bigger play, some kind of ‘signal’, to show that we have entered, is also very important. And the use of ambassadors is one such step,” Prasad Narasimhan, chief marketing officer, Virgin Mobile tells afaqs!.

Virgin Mobile has roped in rather hot bollywood jodi’ Ranbir Kapoor and Genelia D’souza, who also featured together in a bollywood movie Chance Pe Dance’. Regarding the decision, Narasimhan says, “In the two, we have an extremely good fit for our brand, in not only what we are, but also what we want to be going forward in GSM — which is being the ultimate network for friends to be on. Kapoor is one of the desired guys today, and similarly, D’Souza is known as a next-door, fun-loving girl. And both of them are popular, affluent with recognized faces.”


These faces perfectly fit in for the brand as Virgin Mobile, which is also known for its whacky advertisements, had previously too targeted the youngsters. Virgin will also lower its call rates and SMS rates fueling yet another tariff war in the industry.

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