Uninor Launches Dynamic Pricing

Within weeks of launching its service in India, Uninor has introduced a radically new concept of dynamic pricing’ that is likely to set a new trend in the pricing of mobile services in India. Branded as 24X7 Badalta Discount Plan (DP)‘, it will offer customers changing discounts on their calls based on traffic on the network.

The discounts will change with location and with time, with each cellphone tower broadcasting a different discount. At the same location, the discount will change on an hourly basis. By putting customers in control of costs, with 24X7 changing discount rates, this could very well change the tariff structure in Indian telecom.

How does Dynamic Pricing work?

The discount available at any given time will be visible at all times on the screens of handsets that display cell broadcast. The discount visible on the screen at the time a customer calls will be the applicable discount for the call. When the call ends, a flash will appear on the phone screen indicating the actual discounted cost of the call.

The dynamic discounts available at any given time will depend on network traffic and customers location at that time, providing customers maximum flexibility to choose between convenience and savings. Discounts are calculated by a sophisticated Discount Engine’ that relies on state-of-the-art IT systems to continuously monitor traffic at every tower in the network.

Image via TelecomTalk.info

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  • jay

    New trends are being set up by new operators. First, it was docomo with per sec plan, now, its uninor with ;changing dynamic plan'. Good going.

  • jassi

    well, the idea of cheaper calling has been represented in a new way. we have to see how much successful the plan comes out to be.

  • maggie

    best pricing provided by uninor among all.

  • rahul

    now the dynamic pricing is applicable to the per sec call for both local and std. so we can expect more low calling prices.