Tikona Launches Wireless Broadband In 10 In India

Tikona Digital Networks launched its wireless broadband service in 10 cities in India, including Delhi. The internet service provider (ISP)  plans to expand its network to 50 cities by the end of 2010. The speed offered is quite decent too — up to 2Mbps. Apart from that, users need not buy an extra device for the service, the company will offer it as a part of the package, which might work in advantage for the users. ISPs like Relaince, Tata Indicom and others force users to buy the device worth 3-4k INR to use their wireless service.

Mr Prakash Bajpai, Founder, MD & CEO, Tikona Digital Networks explains, The current broadband internet scenario is similar to what the mobile scenario was 10 years ago. India has just a little under 10 Mn Broadband while China has more than 120 Mn Broadband. China could reach this level as they had a large wireline plant of over 400 Mn lines. India has only 40 Mn and only a fraction of this is usable for Broadband. Wireless broadband is the only option for India to increase its Broadband base to levels that are similar to China’s. We envision a powerful broadband enabled India and believe that it is an imperative for an emerging IT and software superpower.^

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Apurva Chaudhary

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  • Aziza Khan

    Dear Apurva,

    As usual in their inthusiasm to increase their clientele base Tikona has employed on contact basis few sales executives who are using unethical practice. I am one of the victims. Now trying to get the matter sorted is taken me more than 3 months of constant calls to no avail. The matter still stands unsorted. It has to be noted that if there is no branch office in your area then please don't take those services. The call center voices don't take responsibility and you are ending up with no one to go to for your grievances. In the end you are the looser. Prakash Bajpai will have tall claims but his contract agencies are there to spoil his name.

  • ramesh sharma

    i want tikona net conection

    • javeed

      Hi all
      let every one be advised that TIKONA wireless is a pain in the neck affair. My story is a bit different and i advice all the troubled people to follow what i did. First of all contact the nodal officer of your state , send him a few mails and keep proof of them(get the mail ID from the help line). This might make things move in the right direction (dont bet on it). If they fail to solve your problem then send a legal notice to the head office and the local office with RPAD. If they still fail to respond ,then file a case in the consumer forum , which is what i did in mysore and I am very proud to say that in a matter of 8 months my case was settled and the court has ordered TIKONA to pay back my money with interest. Not only that the consumer court has ordered for damages as well (penalty). Now I am very happy that in a small way I have taught TIKONA a lesson. I hope many will do the same in our own interest to stop being taken for a ride. If required I can provide help/advice in my small way if required by anybody. Mail me at [email protected] if you require a order copy. Time to give them right back.

  • Pankaj

    Myself Pankaj Jamwal. I am using Tikona Broadband Services.

    Here I want to state that I m not at all satisfied with your service. Since last 3 days I am not able access my internet as it is not working. There is always a limited or no connectivity. I have lodged so many complaints with the customer care with the frequency of every 30 mins. But every time I got the message that within 30 mins you will hear from our technical department & the problem will be sort out. But no body came. I m waiting since 3 days. Yesterday I received a call from the technical department, but they are not able to sort it out & told me that an engineer will approach me within 30 mins, but that 30 min never came. I m really fed up of this. I have never seen such a unreliable service provider in my life. It seems that no body is bothered about the service. I have tried to connect other guys who have installed my internet but they told me that company have given this service to third party & we cant do anything.

    Moreover at the time of demo I was told by Mr. Arif that It will be a wireless connection, but later on I came to know that it is not a wireless connection. After that I send a request 5-6 days back to the customer care for a wireless connection, but till now i didn’t get the wireless connectivity. MR. Arif also said that he will give me a Rs. 300 discount, within 3-4 days but he never turned up & now he is not picking my phone.

    So all in all your service is too bad & I have experience this from all verticals including the Installation, Marketing, Servicing, Technical & customer care & I hope you will definitely would like to improve on this. I m really not able to understand that how can such a big company do or work like this.