TATA DoCoMo Unveils 5 Amazing GPRS Packs

Recently, TATA DoCoMo unveiled 5 new GPRS packs that will encourage their subscribers to stay connected with their friends wherever they go. Now checking mails, sending scraps and replying tweets are just a click away. Though none of the packs provide unlimited access to internet, but the amount of data provided in these packs are more than enough for normal users.

tata gprs

Plan In Details:

GPRS Pack 1
Price: Rs.5/-
Validity: Till Midnight (11:59pm)
Benefits: You will get 10 MB for internet usage.

GPRS Pack 2
Price: Rs.15/-
Validity: 3 days
Benefits: You will get 30 MB for 3 days that can be used in daytime and 500 MB for 3 days that can be used at night.

GPRS Pack 3
Price: Rs.33/-
Validity: 15 days
Benefits: You will get 50 MB for 15 days that can be used in daytime and 1 GB for 15 days that can be used at night.

GPRS Pack 4
Price: Rs.48/-
Validity: 30 days
Benefits: You will get 100 MB for 30 days that can be used in daytime and 2 GB for 30 days that can be used at night.

GPRS Pack 5
Price: Rs. 95/-
Validity: 30 days
Benefits: You will get 200 MB for 30 days that can be used in daytime and 4 GB for 30 days that can be used at night.

All the GPRS packs mentioned above will be available on TATA DoCoMo Home and TATA DoCoMo roaming networks only. To get the TATA DoCoMo internet settings, please sms “INTERNET” to 52270. All the GPRS packs are available on special EVD recharge. To activate Rs.5 pack, please sms “GPRS” to 121.

If you have any queries regarding these GPRS packs, feel free to ask us in the comments.

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  • himanshushah

    cant we conect gprs 2 pc .if can ho 2 do it

    • Yes. you can connect it to your PC. I will write a tutorial on it soon.. Stay tuned :)

    • manish

      OPTION 2 get a router which supports sim card as input for internet
      and use that.
      option 3 use internet sharing thru one host machine and connect to other machine thru wifi or ethernet

  • Ehh, BSNL is better :P

    Also DoCoMo's ads are highly annoying!

    • Yeah! Agree with you..
      But if we look at another side of the coin, then these are one of the best GPRS plans in our country. I get speed upto 310kbps on EDGE.. which is much better than speed provided by other operators…
      I hope ur not a BSNL fan :P

      • firstboy

        whats the phone model you are using? because, the connectivity of the phone also matters at times.

  • Pritpal singh bedi


  • Joseph

    I use tata docomo gprs in edge and very satisfied with the speed around 250 to 300 kbps..I activated 95 plan for which i understand i can use 200 MB for day time and 4 GB for night..Now my biggest doubt is how can I check the exact status of my usage in each day and how many MB balance left in day and night usage? any online data available with tata docomo or any sms pattern to know the balance available? any info regading this would be appreciable..thx

    • There is no way to check your remaining MB's online. You can know your remaining MB's by calling the customer care. They provide you all the information regarding this. You can call Tata DoCoMo customer care by dialing 121.

  • anand

    i am from pune.am a recent subscriber.i recharged my fone wid d 15rs pack…bt it shows tat i hv only 20 mb available…which is d old plan…hw can i change dis?

  • manish

    omkar,is that plan launched in maharashtra…if not then where?

  • Enton


    I cant access GPRS setting in samsung i7500.becuase the docomo customer care said ur mobile didnt access GPRS.
    Can anybody help me

  • can u tell me that how can we check the usage left in our account.
    I will be very much thankful to you.

  • Eben

    Hello sir…! i m really satisfied with d speed..but not with d plan…docomo should provide a unlimited plan as well,it really helps customers. Moreover the system of usage check is not a good way…a sms or online system of checking data usage should be introduced so as to make it more convenient and interesting.thanx

  • Arun Gour

    Ya there is solution to know abt how many mb left in your acount's balance… Just simple clear your phone's data counter and easily know to all received and sent data in kb…

    Am I right omkar??

    • Manoj

      hey best way to check balance……sms BAL to 121..u will recieve the balance immediately

      • edwin

        Manoj U R a very useful & Creative man.

      • PRANJAL


  • vicky

    how can we check our remaing usage net Mb in rs 48 2gb reharge… what should i do for my balance.. usage

  • pracident

    how can i check my gprs balance

  • when docomo is lauching in j&k i am waiting……..

  • faizan

    how to check gprs balance

  • Avin

    Plzz ans the q: how 2 chk GP bal?


    plz send me, how to check my CONNECTION’S remaining G.B
    TNK U

  • LazZ

    You could check your gprs balance by sending a sms:-
    Sms:- “BAL” to 121

    • dineshprajapat,kishangarh.

      thanks for it… .. .

    • Manjunatha S

      yeah! i too know this. but some times they wont reply the data balance. they simply send that “the request has been received” like that.

      what to do if is this case happens except calling customer care

  • mfdiwan

    What number do I dial to know how much day/night balance and validity of my gprs , I got left.

    • Shashi

      Dial *111*1# to get to know your bonuses in your account,like GPRS BAL,SMS BAL and other balances if ANY!!!!!>>>>>(if more *111*2#)<<<<<

  • poongundran

    night means wat time? b/w X p.m to Y a.m

  • harsh

    what is the number to know gprs uses let in tata docomo…

  • ankit

    m using docomo on sony ericsson cedar. but i m getting the speed of 10-15kbps on 2G. so how can i maximize my speed.


    Sir i am new user of your tata docomo prepaid my cell no is -8866297009 . recently i taken this no i was using airtel due to slow internet connection i have changed airtel to tatadocomo . basically i am using internet mobile office . but when i wa susing airtel connection there was no any problem to browse internet in my mobile but when i changed tata docomo connection i cannot browse internet in my cel phone and its very slow working in my laptop . i cannot save my browser setting in my mobile . please let me know what to do and its very slow also its slow to airtel also internet connection . when i called in help line no tata docomo on this no 121-321-222-9 gprs helpline no there was no positive support i can get and after that i cannot call again of gprs help desk its block . i called many times in support but again and again its disconnected they have block me i cannot call and sopeak to support pleas edo the need full so i can use internet in my mobile i am waiting for your positive response. my alternate no is – 9662333605
    Thanking you

    Ashfaque Alam

  • to know the validity of gprs packs

    I want to know how to know the validity of GPRS Pack once activated.

  • tushar

    I HAVE ACTIVATED TAATA DOCOMOS GPRS PLAN & using on my pc for last one week.,But dont know the total use/balance of gprs pack

    • tushar

      how much MB/GB is used out of free MB/GB uses

      • tushar

        can i get the answer from you

  • Ravi

    how can i increase speed of internet connection with tata docomo to computer.
    i get very low speed connection every time.