Sony Ericsson Naite – Ecofriendly Phone That is Light on Your Pocket

Sony Ericsson Naite is a low-end, ecofriendly handset targeted at budget conscious buyers. This model belongs to the GreenHeart range, which means that it has been constructed from recycled and with recyclable plastic and has a reduced carbon footprint. Sony Ericsson has even replaced the printed manual with an electronic one to conserve paper. However, does Naite have enough substance to help Sony Ericsson establish a foothold in the low-end mobile segment? Let us take a look.

Sony-Ericsson-Naite-India Naite is available in two colours – Vapour Silver and Ginger Red. The silver model looks simple yet elegant and classy. However, the crimson colour scheme is jarringly loud and is bit of a misfit on an otherwise simplistic phone. The handset weighs just 84g but doesn’t feel flaky.

The phone UI is simple and charming. Everything works as it should and, more importantly, works well. The phone lacks GPS, but has an inbuilt Google Maps application. Although Instant Messaging support is present, there aren’t any dedicated social networking apps. Naite also includes EcoMate applications, which provides daily environmental tips, quizzes and even virtual pets.

On the connectivity side, Naite fares decently thanks to HSDPA and EDGE support. The included 2-megapixel camera is decent enough for a budget phone but obviously can’t compete with the ones found in Naite’s more expensive siblings.

Music playback is a strictly standard affair. Only MP3 and AAC formats are supported. Even more disappointing is the proprietary headphone jack used in this handset. Thankfully, SE at least decided to dump their M2 storage format in favour of microSD.

Naite allows you to surf the web, listen to music, snap photographs and even make video calls. However, as expected from a budget phone, it does not excel at any of those things. In the end, it is a solid offering and is good enough for anyone who is primarily going to use his phone for talking. Priced at just Rs. 6,550 Naite is a smart buy.

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