Simply Unlimited CDMA Plan from Reliance Offers Monthly Unlimited Calls

Reliance-Unlimited-CDMA-Calls Reliance Communication (R-Com) has launched a new tariff model for its pre-paid customers, which offers unlimited talktime for a flat monthly fee. The ‘Simply Unlimited CDMA’ offer is available in two flavours:

Simply Unlimited CDMA Local Pack: The local pack offers unlimited local calls to any Reliance phone (CDMA, GSM and Landline) as well as virtually unlimited local free calls to any other network. STD calls to any network will be charged at Rs. 0.50 per minute.

Simply Unlimited CDMA National Pack: The national pack offers unlimited calls (STD as well as Local) to any R-com phone in India, along with virtually unlimited calls to other networks.

The Local pack costs Rs. 299 per month, while the STD pack is available for a monthly rental of Rs. 599.

Most of you are probably wondering what R-com means by virtually unlimited calls. It is nothing but a misleading PR jargon. According to Medianama, what Reliance actually means by virtually unlimited calls is that subscribers will be getting 30 minutes of free calls per day or 900 minutes of free calls per month. If you exceed the 30 min of free talktime/day, you will be charged at Rs. 0.50 per minute.

57 thoughts on “Simply Unlimited CDMA Plan from Reliance Offers Monthly Unlimited Calls”

  1. Do not opt for a Reliance CDMA service even for free. There after sale service is very bad…..

    I am using Reliance by last 5yr.(fortunately no problem was there mean while). Now by last 20 days my contact number is out of order, but they are not doing any work to resolve it.

  2. HI I have taken reliance cdma sim with 599 recharge card in which 1800 minutes is free for std, how can i know how many minutes left to call.

  3. The STD pack is available for a monthly rental of Rs. 599.
    Dear all,
    Never recharge with 599 plan. because,This Reliance company is making fool to the customers,
    you know !
    I have recharge with 599 plan. on 6th December 2011 but after 9 days, that is on (15 December).my plan was expired.( i meant my STD call unlimited was expired).
    When i call customer care 198 . A customer care executive Name Rimsem , i don’t know whether it is was the right name or not. He told me that the 599 plan , which make local or std R–>R free has been change. on last 23 November 20011.
    This is very un-natural policy of Reliance.
    I meant they should have informed the customer or eliminate the plan (which are not suppose to be longer exist) from their plans/scheme list, knowingly the customer would not have recharge again if there was proper notice.

    This is a big fraud to the customers. Never Ever use Reliance again.

    1. I also faced the same fraud. I had a recharge of Rs 599 on Dec. 8th 2011 after few days it got expired n when I talked to customercare executive she told me that it has been changed. Now customer get only 1800 minutes on std instead of unlimited. In a way my recharge has got waste if it gives facility of Rs 20 paise call… otherwise also I could have cheap call rate on other networks which atleast show the complete conditions and changing made.
      If company wants to change the plan it should not be another plan with same amount for recharge. It is a cheating when customers are not told the complete truth or when things are changed in a very diplomatic style.

  4. already i have thrown my reliance sim my self and my GF had taken reliance sim and using STD unlimited plan 599 but suddenly it increased 799 it is verry costly..other network are greate/better than reliance…ab khol do apni muthi or chhod do apni regular customer ko…

  5. Hi,
    actually i want to know about std plan for std calls in prepaid connection. because i makes std calls more.
    plz reply as soon as possible.

  6. plz aap log STD k liye kuch better plan sochiye take dur rahene wale log thoda sa baat kar k apneko nasdik pa sake.Sirf paise kamane ki dhyan chor k coustomar ki valaye vi sochna plan ko unlimited kar digiye or 2700 mnts ko barha k 5400 mnts kar digiye to bahut acha hota.

  7. hi.. i just wanted to know tat reliance to reliance is good or not in this scheme? wanted to buy 1 so please let me know

  8. maine aaj reliance ka cdma handset hawai2830 liya kaha gaya ki 5 months reliance(cdma+gsm) free bola gaya lekin nahi mila aur customer care bhi help nahi kar rahe hai ab mai kya karu pls help

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