Simply Unlimited CDMA Plan from Reliance Offers Monthly Unlimited Calls

Reliance-Unlimited-CDMA-Calls Reliance Communication (R-Com) has launched a new tariff model for its pre-paid customers, which offers unlimited talktime for a flat monthly fee. The ‘Simply Unlimited CDMA’ offer is available in two flavours:

Simply Unlimited CDMA Local Pack: The local pack offers unlimited local calls to any Reliance phone (CDMA, GSM and Landline) as well as virtually unlimited local free calls to any other network. STD calls to any network will be charged at Rs. 0.50 per minute.

Simply Unlimited CDMA National Pack: The national pack offers unlimited calls (STD as well as Local) to any R-com phone in India, along with virtually unlimited calls to other networks.

The Local pack costs Rs. 299 per month, while the STD pack is available for a monthly rental of Rs. 599.

Most of you are probably wondering what R-com means by virtually unlimited calls. It is nothing but a misleading PR jargon. According to Medianama, what Reliance actually means by virtually unlimited calls is that subscribers will be getting 30 minutes of free calls per day or 900 minutes of free calls per month. If you exceed the 30 min of free talktime/day, you will be charged at Rs. 0.50 per minute.

57 thoughts on “Simply Unlimited CDMA Plan from Reliance Offers Monthly Unlimited Calls”

    1. Depends on how much you talk. If you have a girlfriend/boyfriend you will most probably be saving a lot of money under this plan.

      Even business owners can benefit under this offer.

      1. abe anil kya drama hai ……….aacha hua humne niche cmnts padh liye …….nahi to aaj hum bhi chutiya ban gaye hote….

        thanx guys who cmnts for this scheme….

        or koi dhang ka plan nikal to tera cdma chalega otherwise tu ghar pe aram kar

    1. this is not true…i am in kolkata and using 599 plan for last 6 months and make R-R STD to Jharkhand. I talk around 3-4 hours per day and not a single penny was deducted from my main account balance

  1. It was offer to make customer fool. If Reliance want to get benefit from this service then cumulative time must be add to the next day for e.g first day they are providing 30 mte and next day again 30 mte and so on , if customer not using his 30 mte in the first day then on Second day he must get 60 mte then only this plan is gud for customer.

    2nd advise for Reliance is that if we compare plan of Tata and Reliance then Tata is always economical and also the service is better of Tata as compare to Reliace

    I am regular customer of Reliance so such type of advice.

    So reliance think on this?

    1. No boss…TATA INDICOM is no more economical…previously they had a plan like, unlimited STD free to INDICOMM/DOCOMO but now they also make it 3000 min/month and making fool everyone that they are providing unlimited STD FREE….CRAP!!!!

  2. Relience aap log juth kyun bolte ho hume baht dukh hota hai plz tell true unlimited key naam par sirf 2700minute de rahe ho aur bolte free

  3. anil akal hai ki nahi, gadhe ki tarah kya plan deta hai, thoda dimag laga, sirf paisa mat kama, thodi izzat kama ke dikha…………….

  4. Reliance is no more Reliable!

    Everytime they come up with some plan to fool the customers. Unlimited bet Reliance to Reliance is OK but "virtually unlimited" bet Reliance to Other Networks ? Customers are now very smart as far as Reliance's Reliability is concerned.

  5. as per the feature on the net it states that it is free to R com phone.Is it also free to R Telecommunication network. I spoke to the customer care as well as visited the reliance outlet several times but they could not provide me with a written feature about the same. Can you please advice and guide

  6. Yes Reliance is making fool to customer on name of “unlimited”. thay are giving only 2700 minutes from R2R.


  7. anilji…jisne yeh plan ka idea apko diya usko naukri se nikal do….ye apke compitator ke sath mila hai apko barbad karne wala hai….ghatia plan hai…..u r going to loose ur regular CDMA ,GSM customer…..(karlo apni duniya mitti mey)

    1. My question is very simple , I Have a Rel CDMA sim Card & My Std Sim card is Airtel whether I will get benefit about unlomited STD call in a month As per your National Pack offer.Pls Suggest .

  8. Saale anil kutte k bacche haramkhor, hame chutiya bna r h saale, unlimited saale kanjoos k bcche tu dega unlimited……ab le duniya mutti mai……Asa h karta rega toh gsm b tod denge log…..kuch pta vta hota ni baap ki company p ake baith gai h saale chutiye!!

  9. Reliance Is having their own dictionary & It own meaning, If They says it's nigh, we have to ask that, "Did you mean by The night Where usually people use to sleep ?". so If they says unlimited Outgoing calls, so we have to wait, And Ask What Actually Relaince Dictionary Mean to say…..

  10. I have to call more in STD network and I have GSM Card I wat unlimited talk plan in R2R and R2other network. If you can help appriciated to all the R family.

  11. I have to call more in STD network and I have GSM Card I wat unlimited talk plan in R2R and R2other network. If you can help appriciated to all the R family.

  12. Hi my name is Mohammed AteeqUddin and I am using Reliance cdma services from past 4 years my current mobile number is 09394074701. To whomever it may concern I wanted to bring to your notice that repeatedly some amount is deducted from my phone balance, as enquired with executives they inform me that I have been subscribed to some bla … bla .. bla offers . Even though I get the confirmation message also saying that I have been subscribed to offers . This is really intollerable … So, I request you to take necessary actions .

    Thanks & Regards ,
    Mohammed AteeqUddin.

    1. hii i m xyz, the same problem is with me reliance always detect some amount like 30 or 50rs by teir own and by asking they will say they have activated some service with their own wish

  13. My parents stay in west bengal and they have GSM service called smart/reliance.Now if i get a CDMA reliance set and recharge with 599.Will i get unlimited calls free to the smart no. which they r using or is it that they also have to bye a CDMA handset?

    1. same case for me…i am in kolkata and my parents in other part of WB. I have R-CDMA and my parents R-GSM. I use to make free calls to them. this plan is applicable for calling to both GSM, CDMA

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