Shah Rukh Khan Uses Nokia Phone

I am not into writing articles about celebrities just because they use , however, Shah Rukh Khan did tweet that he uses a Nokia phone.

Shahrukh Khan Nokia

From a brief update on his Twitter account @iamsrk, SRK answered a question one of his followers asked and said that he uses a Nokia phone, the answer is below with my own highlights.

nokia it is for me/no shoot in spain/my kids r the best gift i would say/love u all and now i am off to sleep. see u tom…goodknight

I am not sure which user asked this, but this is definitely great considering that most celebrities use the . Though Shah Rukh Khan did not name the device he is using, I am guessing that it would be either a Nokia E72, Nokia E71 or a Nokia N81.

What do you think? Which Nokia device is Shah Rukh Khan using?

Update: Shah Rukh Khan actually uses the Nokia Communicator, whish was written in his previous update, which you can read here.

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