Samsung Launches Dual SIM Guru E2152 Phone For Rs.3550

samsung guru e2152

Samsung India has announced an entry-level dual-SIM phone in its Guru range of phones, the Samsung Guru E2152. The Guru range of phones from Samsung is know for affordable price and great features, and the Samsung Guru E2152 is not an exception. This handset is specially targeted for youngsters in India, who normally you use two SIM cards to stay connected with their family and friends.

Samsung Guru E2152 features a 2 inch QQVGA display with 128 × 160 pixels resolution, dual-SIM standby, Paragon Lite user interface, VGA camera, FM Radio, audio and video player, fake call, dedicated music key, microSD card slot, Bluetooth, up to 11 hours of talk time and 1000mAh battery.

This handset has support for 9 regional language and it comes with an affordable price tag of Rs.3,550. Are you willing to buy this handset? Let us know your views.

4 thoughts on “Samsung Launches Dual SIM Guru E2152 Phone For Rs.3550”

  1. i want to know about the efficiency of this phone while using it regularly for both sims, as to call we have to switch the sims manually is their any problem in the long run as compared to other phones where two call buttons are provided for two sims? i mean to say after some time the physical switch might not work properly due to wear and tear, please advise us in this regard.

    1. I have this phone for a month, and so far the switch for SIMs works fine. However, I can’t connect with Bluetooth, it works 1 from 30 times lets say. In general, the call functions are OK.

  2. Not good phone,operating systeam very slow,camera quality poor,video format only 3gp support and also not view in full screan mode.

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