RIM Offers Deferred Data; Indian Govt Wants Real Time Intercepts

RIM Blackberry IndiaWhen the Indian Govt had joined Saudi Arabia, UAE and Indonesia and pressured Research in Motion to provide access to the encrypted Blackberry email and messenger data, RIM had promised to provide a solution for the Indian government.

Now it seems that the RIM – India negotiations have reached a dead end again. As India had threatened to ban Blackberry services in India by August 31, RIM has offered to provide Blackberry information on a deferred basis. They offered to turn the information within a maximum of 10 days. However, the concerned security agencies have demanded that the data be handed to them in real time.

“Now, for example, if two terrorists are negotiating a strike, you can’t expect us to wait for 10 days,” said a senior Home Ministry official.

With only 10 days to go for the August 31 deadline, RIM is in no position to play the game of chicken; it will have to comply with India’s requests or risk terminating the services of more than a million Blackberry users in India.

Head over to Hindustan Times for more details.

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