RIM to Give India Access to Encrypted Blackberry Data To Avoid Ban

RIM BlackberryResearch in Motion has been under pressure from many governments including India, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and the UAE to allow them access to the encrypted email and messenger information of the Blackberry users in the country.

Saudi Arabia had threatened RIM with a ban but RIM apparently worked out a deal allowing them access to the data.

Soon after that, India also threatened RIM with a nationwide ban by August 31 if it failed to provide them access to the encrypted Blackberry communication data. Reuters reported today that RIM has promised to provide a solution for the Indian government and will enable easy access of the encrypted data to law enforcement agencies. RIM’s Vice President, Robert Crow, seemed optimistic that the issue would be resolved soon.

RIM has more than 1 million Blackberry users in India. If the ban comes into effect, the Blackberry users won’t be able to use email and messenger services on their devices and will only be able to use them for calls, messaging and browsing.

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