Radio Mirchi Comes To Your Airtel Mobile

Bharti Airtel has now launched yet another Value Added Service for their customers. All Airtel mobile subscribers can now get Radio Mirchi live stream on their mobile phones. Consumers can choose to follow their favourite local Mirchi radio station from anywhere in India and can choose from 12 Radio Mirchi stations.

To subscribe, all you need to do is simply dial 59830 to listen to up to 100 minutes of Radio Mirchi content for Rs. 10 per week. Now every handset, even those without an FM receiver, can access Radio Mirchi content streamed through Airtel network. Mirchi Mobile will be initially available to Airtel customers in Delhi and Mumbai, shortly followed by the rest of the country.

The launch of this service will now enable customers to carry their favourite radio experience wherever they go to any part of the country. Not limited by location or by handset features, Mirchi Mobile on Airtel offers a unique experience.

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