PhokatCall: Ad-Based, Free Mobile Calling Service – Will It Click?

How often it has happened that you could not make that one very important call because you did not have enough balance in your prepaid cellular phone’s account. Well, PhokatCall plans to change all that. Ahmedabad based Aryan Global Networks has come up with an innovative free calling service from mobile phones, which can come handy during emergencies.

Okay, so now you will ask, how can the service be totally free? So here is the catch – In order to be able to make free calls you will have to listen to a 30-40 seconds audio advertisements on your mobile phone after which you will get connected to your desired number. The call duration is limited and will be available to the users for a stipulated amount of time on a daily basis.

Whereas on one hand PhokatCall can prove to be a boon for advertisers, given the fact that the Indian Govt. is planning to make massive changes to the way tele-marketing in the favour of consumers, while on the other hand, consumers may not be very interested in the service given the ever decreasing tariffs in India, today. Not only this, cellular service providers are nowadays providing online prepaid recharge facilities which will help consumers to recharge their pre-paid account right from the comfort of their homes.

PhokatCall is really an innovative concept and has value on investment for advertisers but only time will tell if this free mobile calling service actually picks up among users.

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