Olive Wiz V-GC800: A triple SIM QWERTY phone announced in India

Olive telecommunications has announced the launch of its first triple (GSM+GSM+CDMA) SIM mobile phone- Wiz VGC800. This QWERTY handset features a 2 Mega Pixel Camera, FM Radio, Music Player and Video Player with Recording, Java support and access to various social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook along with MSN and Yahoo IM.
Olive Telecom is a Gurgaon based, privately held leading Convergence Solutions Device Developer, which deals in mobile phones and laptops. After the successful launch of India’s first 3G embedded Netbooks, Olive is again on an innovative path- introducing a 3 SIM phone.

Some other Wiz VGC800 Specifications
• Display: 2.2-inch 262 K
• Expandable memory slot that can support up to 4 GB
• Bluetooth with A2DP
• 100 days replacement warranty as a part of 1 year warranty
• Changeable Back Panels in colour options of yellow, silver and black

The price of the Olive Wiz V-GC800 is officially not revealed. However, it is expected to cost around Rs 5,000.

Via: Indiainfoline

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Arnaw Kumar

Arnaw is an undergraduate who is really into hacking and modding cell phones. For him, nothing gets better than an S60 and a chance to ruin it.

  • Arjun Singh

    Its great defenately I will buy this.


    Arjun Singh

  • Subham Das

    Hello Everybody,
    I just bought this mobile 2days back and have come to know most of its functionalities.Let me address some of your doubts. But i must say, its just 2days of observations, that i am writing out:-

    1. The Price of this mobile in Kolkata, for distributors is Rs4850 and for retailers is Rs 5000 to Rs 5300, depending on how good you can bargain.

    2.Three SIMs are active at the same time

    3. Battery time is quite less, i used it continuously for 1day and 10hrs before recharging

    4. The sound quality is excellent and loud

    5.The camera is 2MP but doesnt has the Zooming facility for taking pictures but the zooming factility is there for Video Recording.

    6.The keypad is nice with the keys raised and eases the fingers

    7.The QWERTY facility is nice but has a small problem, there is no “Shift ” button to use the symbols that are there on the top of alphabets, to get the symbols you have to use the same old method of changing the mode and picking from the list.Even changing the mode doesnt activate the symbol keys on the top of the alphabets………….so actually the symbols written on the tops of alphabets is a waste.

    8. The Mic hole is on the left side of the phone unlike the normal bottom of the phone.

    9.This phone can also be recharged using the Nokia thin charger, the charger that comes along with this phone is something different.So you can charge with two diffeerent type of chargers.

    That was all the review first hand………..If anyone still has any query, then please post it here.

    Subham Das

    • Debmalya Ghosh

      hi Subham thmx 4 dtails. Bt i need 2 talk 2 u. If it is possible 4 u 2 talk 2 me then sms me on this no 9153360161. Plz boss help me, i'm getting confused.

    • B.Dharmeshwar

      Hello Das, I disagree with point no.7 Yes, The QWERTY facility is nice, and u can use the above characters by pressing “alt”. Since most of the characters used above using “alt” is rarely used, I think this is splendid way to incorporate it in the keypad.

      And true, the mic is right side, ideal for right ear hearing. Those who use left ear may find it inconvenient, as they often cover the mic unknowingly. I find it odd…

  • Mukul mitra

    mujhe ye mob lena hai thoda details jankari chaiye mera no hai 09234353773 plz help me Shubham

    ami mukul mitra

  • Harshal Patil

    it was indeed a great attempt by Olive but they failed to hit bull’s eye !! i am using this phone since 6 months and believe me whn i bought it next day i was in it’s service center Jaipur.

    till now once i hve replaced my phn, once i replaced it’s pcb, once it’s battery and now i have pro with it’s PCB, lead and charger…… i hope this time i get all things repaired and in working condition…. and i pray next month i should not forced to see there faces at service center…..

    very poor technical support by company….

    with all the problems some of the good features are :

    1.all SIMs work symantensolly
    2. HID is a good function
    3. hindu calender is good as targeting Indian
    4. keypad is good
    1.poor mic and sound quality
    2.avg pic camera result
    3.very slow internet
    4. Chinese kind of user interface…

    for any query or suggestions contact [email protected]