Nokia To Include Fishery & Poultry Sectors In It’s Life Tools Suite

Nokia Life Tools is a service from Nokia that offers a wide range of agriculture information and education services through SMS to Indian users. Lot of farmers and mid-level businessmen in India have been benefiting from Nokia’s Life Tools services. This service has been now a hit among users and Nokia is getting encouraging response from both urban and rural consumers across the country regarding it.

In order to make Nokia Life Tools more useful to it’s consumers, the company (Nokia) is working closely with various Central Government and State Government departments to extend the Life Tools service in a lot of new sectors such as the fishery and poultry industry in India. Nokia is also in close talks with the Spices and Rubber Boards in Kerala to bring the Life Tools service to these industries too!

According to Mr Natesh B.V. (Director Emerging Markets Services for Nokia Mobile Solutions), around five million users across the India are already using the Life Tools service which was introduced during June in 2009. He feels that the ever-growing handset market in India will be a big reason for increase in the mobile consumer base in the coming years.

Image Courtesy: Wikipedia

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