National Broadband Plan To Be Announced By October End

According to the Chairman of Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), Dr J.S. Sarma the National Braodband Plan will be announced by October end. The national Broadband plan aims to reach 100 million homes by 2014 and all homes by 2020.

Mr Sarma also said   that the Government and TRAI are trying hard to execute the national objective of reaching out broadband connectivity to every home by 2020. After the National Broadband Plan was initially announced in 2004, a target of 20 million homes by 2010 was set but barely 9-10 million connections have been achieved till date which happens to be almost 50 per cent of the targeted growth.

Various issues related to the rapid expansion of the National   Broadband Plan are also being discussed such as the right speed for rural and urban areas, right of way for optical fibrecables, last mile issues, spectrum use and allocation.

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